Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled March 31st

There has been a lot of hype and anticipation for Tesla’s Model 3 mass market entrant to the electric car industry. While enthusiasts have been guessing at its release date for more several months now, our long wait has nearly come to an end.

Elon Musk’s goal has always been to bring electric cars into the mainstream, by starting first with its high-end Roadster model, and gradually building economies of scale until the timing and technology infrastructure were just right.


  • 2008 – Tesla releases the high-end Roadster super car in 2008
  • 2012 – Tesla releases the luxury Model S in high-volume production after moving into the famous Fremont, CA NUMMI plant
  • 2015 – Model X SUV is released in limited production
  • 2016 – Tesla’s affordable mass market Model 3 begins taking pre-orders

As of this afternoon, Tesla has released an e-mail announcing that the big announcement will take place this March 31st in addition to the start of online reservations.

We’re excited to share details of the Model 3 prototype unveiling at an intimate event in Los Angeles, CA for less than 800 people.

We want to share this with Tesla owners first, as a token of our appreciation for your support over the years. We’ve saved 650 places at the event for current owners including their guests.

Places will be allocated at random through a drawing on March 16. To enter, simply click below and register before noon PST on March 16 2016. You’ll need to use your MyTesla email address to ensure successful entry into the lottery. On March 17, official invitations will go out to those selected through the lottery.

Model 3 reservations will open to the public in Tesla stores at 10am Pacific on March 31st. A website live stream with online reservations will begin at 8:30pm Pacific the same day.

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